The practice of yoga is a journey into the self and will deepen and en-richen your life on all levels. Through yoga we experience increased energy levels; good physical health; develop mental clarity and focus; emotional calm; self-awareness as well as peace within.

Yoga practice gives us ‘tools’ to live fully with the understanding of who we are and what our higher purpose is in life. As we become physically strong through the practice of yoga postures we also become mentally strong with increased ability to maintain focus and concentration. We strengthen on an emotional level and are more equipped to deal with life’s highs and lows where problems that once seemed overwhelming become much more manageable. Through turning inward and connecting with our self we develop a relationship with our true self. From practices of finding stillness within, we find a connection with our higher spiritual self and ultimately live life more in-tune with our higher purpose. As we strengthen on all levels we are more equipped to live the life we choose. As well as we become more flexible physically we become mentally more flexible, less fixed and hard-headed; emotionally we become more open, less protected, more forgiving and loving of our self and others.

Yoga is an individual practice that is unique to each individual, as we are all different and live different lifestyles, the yoga practices we need to maintain a healthy body and mind vary from person to person. There are many different techniques and disciplines in the yoga path including asanas, the physical postures; pranayama; the breathing techniques; dharana; the practice of developing concentration and dyana: meditation and many more. Whether you first discover yoga through the postures, the philosophy or through meditation, you will be enriched with personal insights and revelations.